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It is becoming increasingly harder to get the attention of your customers and target audience. That’s why a more fine-tuned approach to marketing is more effective than the shot gun blast. Here are some questions you might have in your online marketing effort:

• Where can I find the data to show me how long a social media customer stays a customer?
• Do prospects who come through the social media channel convert better or worse than those
who come through other marketing channels?
• Do social media clients spend more or less than those who come through other marketing
• Do social media clients buy more often than those who come through other marketing channels?
• Which report should I look at to know which status update had the highest conversion rate for
prospective clients?
• What report can I pull to tell me how much revenue was generated from Twitter?
(Questions are from "measuring social media" book by Nichole Kelly)

Part of online marketing road map should be creating programs that directly talk to your customer’s needs and preferences. Programs that encourage a personal conversation and a deeper connection with your audience and one that ultimately drives them to take action.

Measurement and tracking are important to your projects success and should be taken seriously.
All stage of marketing should be carefully designed and analysed in each step of process.

I can bring years of technology background along with technical marketing to promote your product/service. You can email me at fbanifatemi@gmail.com or call me directly at (925) 930-6900

♦ Marketing Strategies to Improve ROI
♦ Lead Generation
♦ Reputation Intelligence
♦ Brand Development via Social Media and Video Production
♦ Product Marketing

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